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Big Mac at McDonald’s UK




2058 kJ | 493 kcal

Big Mac is an iconic burger from McDonald’s UK that has been loved by fast food fans for years now. It is a double layered Burger with two perfectly seasoned 100% beef patties, iceberg lettuce, Onions and pickles slices, cheddar cheese slice and signature BigMac Sauce to give a tangy flavour all stacked in famous triple slice Bun. Special Sauce with tangy flavour is main feature of this burger and a satisfying experience provided by the combination of soft bun, crisp lettuce, and the different textures of the meat and cheese which distinct this burger from all other fast food option whether on McDonalds or any other fast food chain.

This burger makes a great combination with crispy McDonald’s Fries and chilled drink of your choice. Like other with other burgers the meal is available in two serving sizes in which burger size remain same however side item and drink size changes according to your preference.

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Big Mac Medium Meal Price


Big Mac Large Meal Price


Big Mac Ingredients

Now let’s have a look at the ingredients used in this classic burger and amount of calories they carry:

BigMac Bun

Big Mac Bun
840 kJ | 199 kcal

Beef Petties

Beef Patty
775 kJ | 186 kcal

BigMac Sauce

Big Mac Sauce
212 kJ | 52 kcal

Lettuce and Onions

Lettuce & Onion

34 kJ | 8 kcal

Chadder Cheese Slice 1

Cheddar Cheese Slice

194 kJ | 47 kcal

Pickle Slices

Pickle Slices

2 kJ | 0 kcal


While eating this burger you should be aware of allergens in it. This is recommended because indigestion of any of these could cause serious allergic reactions. Following are allergens present in it:



Complete Nutrition detail of BigMac

Energy (kJ)

2058 25% RI

Energy (kcal)

493 25% RI

Fat (g)

24 34% RI

Fibre (g)


Carbohydrates (g)

42 16% RI

Protein (g)

26 52% RI

Comparison with Big Tasty

We have provided a brief comparison between both delicious burgers of McDonald’s UK but ultimately the choice depends on your personal preferences, mood and overall flavour profile of each burger.

DescriptionBig TastyBig Mac
IngredientsA 100% Beef Petty, Two Emmental Cheese Slices, Tomato Slice, Iceberg Lettuce, Chopped Onions, Big Tasty Sauce and Big Tasty Sesame Bun.Two 100% Beef Patties, Cheddar Cheese Slice, Pickle Slices, Chopped Onions, Double Layered Sesame Big Mac Bun with Classic Big Mac Sauce
Calories3329 kJ / 797 kcal
40% of RI
2058 kJ / 493 kcal
25 % of RI
Taste & FeelIt is spicier and more taste of black pepper in its Big Tasty Sauce with different kind of bun.More Classic and meaty with signature Big Mac Sauce in on it.
AvailabilityIt is a limited time addition to McDonald’s UK Menu and might be removed in coming months.It is a permanent addition to MCD Menu and is available throughout the year on all McDonald’s outlets.
Big Mac Review

I am going to share my experience of undoubtedly most loved and famous burger from McDonald’s Menu worldwide. Although I have enjoyed this burger many times but will be sharing my latest experience at McDonald’s – Shaftesbury Avenue London. After a wait of around 10 Minutes my medium meal order was with me. The aroma of this burger further enhanced by appetite and I opened the wrap and started eating.

To no surprises from the very first bite the taste of tender beef patty, secret big mac sauce mixed with crunchy iceberg, onion and pickles started satisfying my hunger crave. The taste of this iconic burger and crispy fries with Sprite kept on pleasing my taste buds till last bit.

No Doubt it is a legendary classic that has captured the hearts and appetites of millions around the globe and it is equally famous in around the world for its unique taste, quality standard and availability in 100% countries where McDonald’s is operating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big Mac UK Contains 26 grams of Proteins that is 52% of daily required intake for an adult in United Kingdom.

Large Big Mac Meal price is £8.69 and Medium Meal Price is £7.89.

Large Meal Calory Count is 3920 kJ / 939 kcal whereas Medium meal calory count is 3474 kJ / 831 kcal

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