McDonald’s Menu Prices UK, Latest Changes of today 23rd July 2024

Finding comprehensive and reliable McDonald’s Menu prices UK with accurate information is a challenging task. This webpage will explore the entire McDonald’s Menu UK with prices 2024. We keep updating this menu price list of McDonald’s UK frequently as per official McDonald’s UK Menu and our easy-to-use navigation will enable you to go through all the latest menu updates along with prices and calories in detail of every product. This menu has different major categories like Burgers, McNuggets, Wraps & Salads, McDonald’s McCafe, Breakfast, Vegetarian & Vegan Menu, Saver Menu, Happy Meals for Kids, Fries and Sides, Desserts, Drinks and Milkshakes.

New McDonald’s Menu UK 2024 offers a broad range of options, including the McDonald’s Vegetarian & Vegan selection. Furthermore different meal deals are also available in this menu that will surely tantalize your taste buds. Let’s have a quick view of McDonald’s UK prices offered by this fast food giant in the UK.

Biscoff Frappe
New Items
Big Mac
The BBQ Bacon Chicken One Crispy
6 Pices McNuggets
Hot Cross Bun Latte
Hamburger 1
Saver Menu
Veggie Dippers
Happy Meals
McDonald's Fries - Large
Fries & Salads
Smarties McFlurry
McPlant - Feature
Vegetarian & Vegan
Chocolate Milkshake
Milkshakes & Drinks

New Items on McDonald’s Menu UK

McDonald’s is celebrating it’s fifty years in the UK and has introduced a limited time McDonald’s Birthday Menu from Wednesday, July 17, 2024, which includes some very delicious items featuring succulent ingredients. Here are the prices of latest inclusions on McDonald’s Menu UK and most of these items are available for limited time period of six weeks.

Double Big Mac

Double Big Mac

£6.59 / 684 kcal

McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse

McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse

£6.69 / 560 kcal

Double Big Mac with Bacon

Double Big Mac with Bacon

£7.39 / 730 kcal

Birthday Donut

Birthday Donut

£2.29 / 278 kcal

Fish Bites 9 Pieces

Fish Bites – 9 pieces

£2.99 / 296 kcal

Milkybar Raspberry Ripple McFlurry

Milkybar Raspberry McFlurry

£1.89 – £2.59 / 165 kcal -331 kcal

9 Chicken Selects

9 Chicken Selects ShareBox

£9.79 / 1078 kcal

Munchies Cookie Dough McFlurry

Munchies Cookie McFlurry

£1.89 – £2.59 / 173 kcal -346 kcal

Iced Latte

Iced Latte

£2.79 – 3.09 / 136 kcal -166 kcal

Oreo Frappe - Image

Oreo Frappé

£3.09 – £3.39 / 295 kcal – 389 kcal

Choco Scoop - Image

Choco Scoop

£1.59 / 94 kcal

Biscoff Frappe

Biscoff Frappé

£2.29 – £2.99 / 321 kcal – 415 kcal

McFreezy Orange

McFreezy Orange

£2.29 / 39 kcal

McFreezy Mango Pinaple

McFreezy Mango & Pineapple

£2.29 / 45 kcal

Strawberry Scoop - Image

Strawberry Scoop

£1.59 / 88 kcal


When you have a craving for fast food, you simply cannot ignore Burgers array at McDonald’s Menu UK as they are the most famous category on their menu. The latest UK menu McDonald’s consists of different delicious sandwiches including iconic BigMac, the delicious Quarter Pounder, and Double Cheese Burger & Hamburger. These burgers are available in different McDonald’s Meal deals and are prepared with bacon, beef, chicken, fish, and vegetable substitutes with some signature McDonald’s sauces.

Hat Trick

The Hat Trick

£7.19 / 726 kcal

Big Mac - Image

Big Mac

£5.39 / 493 kcal

McSpicy - Banner


£5.89 / 444 kcal

McPlant - Feature


£5.49 / 529 kcal

McCrispy - Image


£6.09 / 484 kcal

Vegetable Deluxe - Image

Vegetable Deluxe

£5.09 / 363 kcal

Chicken Big Mac - Image

Big Mac Chicken

£5.99 / 530 kcal

Quarter Pounder Deluxe - Image

Quarter Pounder Deluxe

£6.19 / 541 kcal

McChicken Sandwich

McChicken Sandwich

£5.09 / 369 kcal

Fish o Fillet - Image


£5.09 / 513 kcal

Big Tasty - Image

Big Tasty

£6.99 / 797 kcal

McCrispy Deluxe

McCrispy Deluxe

£6.69 / 601 kcal

Chicken McNuggets & Selects

Elevate your dining experience with the crispy perfection of McNuggets & Selects, which will surely indulge your taste buds in a new world of flavors. These Golden Brown delights from McNuggets & Selects, a specialty of McDonald’s, are perfect for every occasion. These delicious items at McDonald’s UK menu are crafted to satisfy the hunger cravings of those looking for bite-sized, delicious McNuggets and premium-quality selects. With different combinations of chicken and cheese, these nuggets will make a great treat for chicken lovers.

Chicken Selects - Image

Chicken Selects

£5.49 / 359 kcal

Halloumi Fries - Image

Halloumi Fries

£2.49 / 229 kcal