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2222 kJ | 530 kcal

Medium Meal Price


Large Meal Price


The Chicken Big Mac is Iconic Big Mac Burger of McDonald’s with a twist of Chicken Patties instead of Beef. This delicious burger introduced at McDonald’s UK is featuring at triple layered sesame topped bun, two chicken patties, a slice of cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce and world famous big mac sauce. This burger was long anticipated by the chicken lovers and now they can enjoy it on McDonald’s UK outlets for a limited time period of six weeks.

This luscious burger with fresh toppings of pickles, lettuce and big mac sauce is available at a very reasonable price; it is full of energy, providing 2222 kJ or 530 kcal (27% RI) and 25 gram of protein, which is 49% RI. Its combination with McDonald’s fries and a fizzy cold drink makes a perfect meal. 

McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac Calories

Burger: 2222 kJ / 530 kcal

Medium Meal: 3638 kJ / 868 kcal

Large Meal: 4084 kJ / 976 kcal

Please visit here to explore full McDonald’s Menu UK with prices.

Chicken Big Mac Nutrition Report

Energy kJ


27% RI

Energy kcal


27% RI

fat (g)


29% RI



21% RI

carbs (g)


24% RI

sugar (g)


9% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


49% RI

salt (g)


37% RI

McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac Ingredients

Big-Mac Bun - Image

Big Mac Bun

843 kJ | 199 kcal

Big Mac Chicken Patty

Big Mac Chicken Patty

953 kJ | 227 kcal

Mild Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese Slice

194 kJ | 47 kcal

Lettuce - Image

Lettuce (Iceberg)

17 kJ | 4 kcal

Pickle Slices


2 kJ | 0 kcal

Big Mac Sauce - Image

Big Mac Sauce

212 kJ | 52 kcal

Allergens in McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac

Here is the list allergens found in this burger:





Comparison between Chicken Big Mac, Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger

Here is a brief comparisons of three hearty burgers of McDonald’s UK.

Menu ItemChicken Big MacBig MacDouble Cheeseburger
IngredientsTwo Chicken Patties, Big Mac Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Big Mac Bun, a Cheddar Cheese slice and Pickle SlicesTwo Beef Patties, Big Mac Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Big Mac Bun, a Cheddar Cheese slice, Onions and Pickle SlicesTwo Beef Patties, Two Cheddar Cheese Slices, Diced Onions, Pickles, Mustard and Tomato Ketchup in Regular Bun.
Calories2222 kJ or 530 kcal2058 kJ or 493 kcal1834 kJ or 438 kcal
AvailabilityAvailable for limited timeAlways AvailableAlways Available
Overview of McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac

This twister is a charmful delight for you if you are Big Mac fan who prefer chicken over beef. This delicious burger is a symphony of flavours that include chicken patties, juicy cheddar cheese & big mac sauce with tangy pickles and fresh lettuce iceberg all stacked in traditional triple layered sesame topped bun.

When ordered in a meal, you will get a burger with a standard size of chicken BigMac, fries, and a cold drink of your choice. Medium meal is priced at £7.89, and large meal will cost £8.69. These prices might vary depending on your location, and in the case of online delivery, delivery charges might be applicable. 

For more information, please visit McDonald’s UK official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac at UK Menu is priced at £5.99, Medium meal is priced at £7.89 and large meal is available for £8.69.

The Chicken Big Mac contains 530 kcal of energy, 20 grams of fat, 4.2 grams of saturated fats, 61 grams of carbohydrates, 8.5 grams of Sugar, 3.7 grams of fibre and 25 grams of protein.

No, it is a seasonal addition to UK Menu of McDonald’s for six weeks starting from 17th April 2024.

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