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Steakhouse Stack at McDonald’s UK


£ 6.79


673 kcal | 2808 kJ

The Steakhouse Stack is a limited-edition masterpiece from McDonald’s Menu UK. This latest offering has two 100% British and Irish Beef Patties, each layered with smooth cheddar cheese, delightful crunch of crispy onions, sweetness of red onions, and crispy lettuce for freshness. But the true highlight of this burger is signature black peppercorn sauce that adds decadent layer of savory richness to elevate this burger to new heights of excitement. All stacked in a freshly toasted glazed sesame bun, this burger is a teasing invitation to indulge in outburst of flavour that will tantalize your taste buds.

Looking for a delicious and satisfying burger, then picking the Steakhouse Stack from McDonald’s UK menu will be a perfect choice. Try it before it’s too late! Add a side item and drink of your choice to form a delicious meal and get ready for a memorable dining experience as you sink your teeth into this beef and peppercorn masterpiece, made with the best ingredients. Also view Big Mac on McDonald’s UK Menu.

The Steakhouse Stack Medium Meal Price

£ 8.49

The Steakhouse-Stack Large Meal Price

£ 9.49

Ingredients in Steakhouse Stack

Beef Petties
2 Beef Patties
303 kcal
Mild Cheddar Cheese
Mild Cheddar Slices
83 kcal
Seasame Bun
Glazed Sesame Bun
171 kcal
Peppronic Sauce 1
Peppercorn Sauce
70 kcal
Crispy Onions
Crispy Onions
42 kcal
Lettuce and Onions
Lettuce & Onion
5 kcal

Allergens In The Steakhouse Stack

Following are allergens in Steakhouse Stack:





Nutrition Information

Energy (kJ)


Energy (kcal)


Fat (g)


Fibre (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


Protein (g)


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is newly added limited-time burger on McDonald’s UK Menu that is prepared with two 100% British & Irish Beef patties, mild cheddar cheese, fresh vegetables stacked in Glazed Sesame Bun.

Primary ingredients are peppercorns and heavy cream. Additional ingredients may include butter, wine, brandy, such as cognac, shallots, garlic and additional seasonings, such as bay leaf, star anise, tarragon and salt.

No, it is not gluten-free as the bun contains wheat, however you may be allowed to order this in lettuce wrap to avoid gluten.

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