McCrispy Deluxe at McDonald’s UK – Price Ingredients and Calories


McCrispy Deluxe Price – £6.69

McCrispy Deluxe Medium Meal Price – £8.79

McCrispy Deluxe Large Meal Price – £9.59

The McCrispy Deluxe burger was available on McDonald’s UK in November 2023 too, and now it has made a comeback on McDonald’s UK menu this Easter. This luscious burger contains chicken breast fillets breaded in a crunchy coating, with toppings of bacon strips, fresh iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese slices, hot and spicy mayo, and caramelised onion relish, all stacked in a hot sourdough-style sesame-topped bun. This burger is the perfect treat for chicken and bacon lovers, where every bite is full of satisfying meat combined with creamy, hot, and spicy mayo and Onion & Balsamic Relish that adds a zesty kick, while the fresh lettuce and onion rings provides a welcome contrast of texture and coolness.

Add a drink of your choice from the McDonald’s Drinks menu and side items like fries or halloumi fries that are also available for a limited time, and enjoy your meal. Meals are available in two serving sizes. 

McDonald’s UK McCrispy Deluxe Nutrition

Energy kJ


Energy kcal


fat (g)


of which saturated (g)


carbohydrates (g)


of which sugar (g)


fibre (g)


protein (g)


salt (g)


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McDonald’s McCrispy Deluxe Ingredients

McCrispy Bun

Sourdough Sesame Bun

McSpicy Deluxe

Crispy Chicken

Steaky Bacon

Bacon Strips

Lettuce and Onions

Lettuce & Onion Rings

Chadder Cheese Slice 1

Cheddar Cheese Slice

Onion Relish

Onion & Balsamic Relish



Allergens in McCrispy-Deluxe

Millions of human beings have allergies from different items and they can face adverse effects from eating items containing allergens. Here is the allergens detail:





Our Review of McCrispy-Deluxe

This Crispy delight from McDonald’s UK has gained a lot of fame due to its distinct taste and ingredients during its previous limited-time launch and its fans are welcoming it again as an Easter special. Keeping in view its popularity we also decided to taste this delicacy and publish our review.

As this burger arrived on the table, I must tell you the smell of this burger was so appealing and mesmerizing that my hunger cravings were sky-high. The burger was loaded with Crispy Chicken, Bacon strips, fresh onion, and iceberg lettuce with cheese. It seemed so tasty that I couldn’t resist anymore and started eating it, from the very first bite the crunchy chicken mixed with bacon and fresh veggies gave my taste buds a feel of excitement. The topping of Onion & Balsamic Relish mixed with spicy mayo adds a unique taste to this burger thus making it a distinction from other burgers.

Overall McCrispy-Deluxe is a great choice for chicken and bacon lovers seeking a new and unique experience of Burger at McDonald’s UK. For a delightful meal, try pairing the McCrispy Deluxe with our refreshing Pistachio Shot Drink. The crispy chicken sandwich combined with the nutty and smooth pistachio flavors creates a perfect balance of savory and sweet.

Price and Calories Comparison with other Burgers

Here is a brief comparison of McCrispy Deluxe with some other famous burgers on McDonald’s Menu UK. All these burgers differ in ingredients, toppings as well as taste profile.




Big Mac UK


493 kcal

McCrispy UK


493 kcal

McSpicy UK


437 kcal

McCrispy Deluxe


601 kcal

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, McCrispy Deluxe is back on McDonald’s Menu UK on Easter 2024 for limited time.

McCrispy Deluxe has 601 kcal which is 25 % RI. Medium Meal of McCrispy has 939 kcal and Large Meal has 1047 kcal.

Small Meal Prices of is £8.79 and Large Meal will cost in £ 959.

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