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McChicken Sandwich at McDonald’s UK




1549 kJ / 369 kcal

Medium Meal Price


Large Meal Price


Today I am going to provide you with details about one of the simplest yet succulent burgers, the McChicken Sandwich, at McDonald’s menu. This burger has been a fan favourite for a long time now due to its very traditional and classic taste profile. This appealing burger is made of crispy coated chicken, McDonald’s sandwich sauce, fresh iceberg lettuce, and a freshly toasted soft sesame seed-topped bun.

This delicious McChicken Sandwich is also available in meal options, where you can add McDonald’s fries, a fizzy drink from McDonald’s drinks menu, or other side items as per your desire. This classic sandwich from McDonald’s UK is bliss for chicken lovers who are also very mindful of their calorie intake. If you are not a fan of chicken, then McDonald’s Menu provides various options for beef. Please visit our McDonald’s Burgers Menu to find out the burger of your choice. 

McChicken Sandwich Calories

Sandwich: 1549 kJ / 369 kcal

Medium Meal: 2965 kJ / 707 kcal

Large Meal: 3411 kJ / 815 kcal

McChicken Sandwich Nutrition Report

Energy kJ


18% RI

Energy kcal


18% RI

fat (g)


21% RI



7% RI

carbs (g)


16% RI

sugar (g)


7% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


33% RI

salt (g)


21% RI

McChicken Sandwich Ingredients

Sesame Bun

Sesame Bun

670 kJ | 158 kcal

McChicken Patty

Chicken Patty

703 kJ | 168 kcal



13 kJ | 3 kcal

Sandwich Sauce

Sandwich Sauce

163 kJ | 39 kcal

Allergens in McChicken Sandwich

Here is the list allergens found in McChicken Sandwich from McDonald’s UK:




Comparison between McChicken, Mayo Chicken and Cheeseburger

Here is a brief comparisons of three affordable and delicious burgers of McDonald’s UK.

Menu ItemMcChicken SandwichMayo ChickenCheeseburger
IngredientsTender Chicken Seasoned with Crispy Coating, Iceberg Lettuce, McDonald’s Sandwich Sauce and Sesame topped bun.Tender Chicken Seasoned with Crispy Coating, Iceberg Lettuce, Cool Mayo and simple McDonald’s Bun.Beef Patty, Regular Bun, Onions, Mustard, Tomato Ketchup, Pickle slices, two Cheddar Cheese slices
Calories1549 kJ or 369 kcal1200 kJ or 285 kcal1251 kJ or 298 kcal
AvailabilityAlways AvailableAlways AvailableAlways Available
Our Final Thoughts about Mc Chicken Sandwich

The Mc-Chicken Sandwich is one of the all-time classics from McDonald’s UK that has evolved over time to meet the taste requirements of United Kingdom customers. It was first introduced on McDonald’s Menu in 1989, and now it is a beloved classic with a perfect blend of flavours where tender chicken nicely seasoned with a crispy coating provides a goodness of crunch in every bite. The signature sandwich sauce and freshness of iceberg lettuce add further taste to this all-time classic. This perfect sandwich is also one of my all-time favourites due to its class and taste profile.

When ordering a meal, you should expect to get a sandwich, fries, and a cold drink of your choice. Medium meal of Mc-Chicken is priced at £6.69, and a large meal will cost £7.79. These prices might vary depending on your location, and in the case of online delivery, delivery charges might be applicable.

For more information, please visit McDonald’s UK official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

McChicken Sandwich is a timeless classic from McDonalds, featuring Tender Chicken seasoned with Crispy Coating, Sandwich Sauce, Iceberg lettuce in a sesame topped bun.

Medium Meal of Mc Chicken Sandwich is £6.69 and Large Meal is priced at £7.79

Yes, Mc-Chicken contains allergens. Allergens found in this sandwich are wheat, mustard and sesame.

It depends on your dietary needs, you can find complete detail of nutrition of this sandwich to evaluated as per your needs.

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