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Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry at McDonald’s UK


£1.89 – £2.29


180 kcal – 359 kcal

The Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry from McDonald’s UK is a delectable limited time dessert offering that has been made with combination of soft vanilla-flavoured McFlurry ice cream and delicious galaxy chocolate. This irresistible dessert is a pure delight for chocolate lovers due to rich and satisfying flavour of Galaxy Chocolate drops with swirled chocolate sauce in to soft serve vanilla ice cream.

This limited time dessert is available in two different servings, i.e., regular and mini, at very economical prices. In other options on the dessert menu, you can also enjoy another limited time addition Biscoff McFlurry and for regular items Oreo McFlurry and Smarties McFlurry is always available at McDonald’s Menu.

Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry Price and Calories

Regular Price: £2.29

Calories: 1507 kJ / 359 kcal

Mini Price: £1.89

Calories: 756 kJ / 180 kcal

Please visit here to explore full McDonald’s Menu UK with prices.

Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry Nutrition Report

Regular Serving

Energy kJ


18% RI

Energy kcal


18% RI

fat (g)


20% RI



46% RI

carbs (g)


20% RI

sugar (g)


53% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


12% RI

salt (g)


5% RI

Mini Serving

Energy kJ


9% RI

Energy kcal


9% RI

fat (g)


10% RI

saturates (g)


23% RI

carbs (g)


10% RI

sugar (g)


26% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


6% RI

salt (g)


2% RI

McDonald’s Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry Ingredients

Vanilla Flavoured Dairy Ice-Cream

Vanilla Flavoured Dairy Ice-Cream

Galaxy Chocolate

Galaxy Chocolate Drops

Galaxy Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Sauce

Allergens in McDonald’s Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry

If you have allergies to something, then keeping track of all allergens in anything you consume is very important, as you might not digest it properly and have to face mild to serious allergic reactions. Here is the list allergens found in this delicious dessert:



Overview of Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry is a pleasant dessert prepared with a blend of soft serve vanilla ice cream, galaxy chocolate drops and rich topping of galaxy chocolate sauce. The soft and sweet signature McDonald’s ice cream when combined with galaxy chocolate drops and chocolate sauce become an irresistible dessert for sweet tooth.

This seasonal offering from McDonald’s UK is available on outlets across the UK from 17th April 2024 for next six weeks. This tantalizing dessert is a pure bliss for chocolate and ice cream lovers and they must try this before it is removed from McDonald’s UK Menu. You can also try Smarties McFlurry and Maltesers McFlurry from the desserts menu of McDonald’s UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

A regular Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry from McDonald’s UK contains 359 kcal and Mini contains 180 kcal.

Galaxy Chocolate Mc Flurry at McDonald’s UK is made with soft dairy ice cream, galaxy chocolate drops and thick galaxy chocolate sauce.

The regular Galaxy Chocolate Mc-Flurry in the UK provides 359 calories, 6.2g of protein, 51g of carbohydrates, 14g of fat, 0.29g of salt, 9.1g of saturates, and 48g of sugars per serving.

No, Galaxy Chocolate Mc-Flurry is not is not gluten free as it contains ingredients that has gluten in them.

The Galaxy Chocolate McDonald’s McFlurry contains allergens such as wheat gluten, soya, and milk, and may contain traces of oats gluten and barley gluten.

Yes, the Galaxy Chocolate McDonald’s McFlurry is suitable for vegetarians according to McDonald’s official website.

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