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Galaxy Caramel Pie at McDonald’s UK




1035 kJ | 248 kcal

Galaxy Caramel Pie is a delightful dessert from McDonald’s UK which is featuring a crunchy chocolate flavoured pastry filled with galaxy caramel sauce. This limited time offering on McDonald’s UK menu has gained popularity since its first launch due to its unique and indulgent taste that was very much loved by customers having desire for dessert after every meal.

This sweet dessert with pleasing taste is available from 17th April 2024 for customers for next six weeks. So if you are looking for a quick snack on the go or want to make your coffee or tea time more memorable or you are looking for a sweet dessert after a signature McDonald’s Meal, this dessert is just a perfect buy for you. So, hurry up to grab your dessert and enjoy it before it is removed from McDonald’s menu. 

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Galaxy Caramel Pie Calories and Nutrition Report

Energy kJ


12% RI

Energy kcal


12% RI

fat (g)


21% RI



15% RI

carbs (g)


10% RI

sugar (g)


7% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


6% RI

salt (g)


6% RI

Galaxy Caramel Pie – Ingredients

Crispy Chocolate Pastry

Galaxy Caramel Sauce

Allergens in Galaxy Caramel Pie

If you have allergies to something, then keeping track of all allergens in anything you consume is very important, as you might not digest it properly and have to face mild to serious allergic reactions. Here is the list allergens found in this delicious dessert:



Overview of McDonald’s Galaxy Caramel Pie

Galaxy Caramel Pie has made a come back on McDonald’s Menu for the UK for the second run, previously it was introduced in December 2023 and was very much liked by customers. This delicious dessert has traditional chocolate flavoured crunchy pastry which is filled with unique and tasty galaxy caramel sauce.

This fan favourite can be ordered as snack with a hot cup of coffee or tea from McDonald’s or you can always have a go at it after good meal. This classic Caramel Pie is getting a great response from new customers as well as returning customers who have been anticipating the return of this delicious, crunchy and creamy treat to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Galaxy Caramel-Pie at McDonald’s UK is a Crunchy Chocolate Pasty filled with galaxy flavoured caramel sauce.

Galaxy Caramel-Pie nutrition detail is Energy 1035 kJ , Energy 248 kcal, fat 15 (g), carbs 25 (g), sugar 6.2 (g), fiber 1.2 (g) and protein 2.8 (g).

Yes, the delicious galaxy caramel pie is available from 17th April 2024 for a limited time for next six weeks.

No, Galaxy Caramel Pie at McDonald’s is not is not gluten free as it contains ingredients that has gluten in them.

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