Toffee Apple Donut at McDonald’s UK




1311 kJ / 312 kcal

Toffee Apple Donut is a newly introduced delicious dessert on McDonald’s UK Menu. It is a ring shaped donut filled with irresistible tangy apple compote and have a topping of crumbled toffee sauce. This mouthwatering donut is crafted with such a balance of all ingredients that it will surely tantalize your taste buds.

So if you have craving for a dessert after a Spicy Burger from McDonald’s or you just want to add some sweetness with your cup of tea or coffee then this Donut is going to be perfect pick for you.

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Toffee-Apple Donut Price

£ 2.49

Ingredients in The Donut

Toffee Apple Donut
Apple Comote
Apple Compote
Toffee Sauce
Toffee Sauce

Allergens Information

While taking this tasty donut you should be aware of allergens in it. This is recommended because indigestion of any of these could cause serious allergic reactions. Following are allergens present in it:




Nutrition Information

Energy (kJ)


Energy (kcal)


Fat (g)


Fibre (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


Protein (g)


Frequently Asked Questions

Toffee Apple Donut has 1311 kJ or 312 kcal.

Toffee Apple Donut is a latest offering in it dessert items. It is a sugar bomb, a donut filled with apple compote with a topping of crumbled caramel sauce.

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