Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup

Sausage Patty & Egg Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup at McDonald’s UK




2766 kJ | 661 kcal

Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup is a newly introduced limited-time breakfast menu item by McDonald’s UK after a gap of three years. This succulent breakfast wrap is featuring savoury pork sausage patty, two free range eggs, streaky bacon slice, a crispy potato rosti and a cheese slice all wrapped in fresh and warm large tortilla bread.

To make a breakfast meal you can always order your favourite milkshake, coffee or tea from McCafe Menu. To further enhance the taste to your breakfast at the start of you day the desserts options like Toffee Apple Donut, Sugar Donut and chocolate brownie are also available. This breakfast wrap with Ketchup on McDonald’s UK Menu, is also available in Brown Sauce flavour.

Breakfast Wrap Price with McCafe Drink: £6.49

Please visit here to explore full McDonald’s Menu UK with prices.

Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup Calories and Nutrition Report

Energy kJ


33% RI

Energy kcal


33% RI

fat (g)


48% RI



50% RI

carbs (g)


20% RI

sugar (g)


7% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


70% RI

salt (g)


44% RI

Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup Ingredients

Large Tortilla - Image

Large Tortilla

170 kcal | 719 kJ

Pork Sausage - Image

Pork Sausage Patty

128 kcal | 533 kJ

Potato Rosti - Image

Potato Rosti

128 kcal | 532 kJ



146 kcal | 610 kJ

Steaky Bacon

Streaky Bacon

23 kcal | 97 kJ

Cheddar Cheese Slice

Cheddar Cheese Slice

47 kcal | 194 kJ

Tomato Ketchup

Tomato Ketchup

19 kcal | 81 kJ

What are the allergens in Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup?

Here is the list allergens found in this Wrap from McDonald’s UK:




Overview of Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup

This breakfast wrap by McDonald’s is good addition to Breakfast menu and its return on menu is highly praised by customers for its unique taste and protein rich profile. This breakfast wrap with ketchup provide a distinct taste of pork sausage patty mixed in potato rosti, melted cheese, eggs and nicely seasoned tortilla bread while the streaky bacon adds a crispy touch.

This breakfast wrap gives substantial amount of energy 661 kcal as well as proteins 35 grams and carbohydrates 52 grams to give a healthy start to your day. It also provide ease of having breakfast on the go and you don’t necessarily have to sit for a dine in just grab your breakfast wrap from McDonald’s Driver-thru and enjoy it on the go without getting late from office.

For more information, please visit McDonald’s UK official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The wrap contains allergens such as wheat gluten, eggs and milk. It may also contain traces of rye gluten, and barley gluten.

The main ingredients of breakfast wrap include pork sausage patty, tortilla, potato rosti, streaky bacon strips, cheddar cheese slice, and tomato ketchup.

For one portion wrap with ketchup, the nutritional information includes: Protein 35g, Carbs 52g, Fat 34g, Salt 2.6g, Saturates 10g, and Sugars 5.9g.

Yes, besides Breakfast Wrap with Ketchup, Breakfast Wrap with Brown Sauce is also available on breakfast menu of McDonald’s UK.

Yes, you can customize this breakfast wrap with ketchup, you can ask for ketchup removal or any other ingredient as per your taste.

No, It is only available during breakfast hours of McDonald’s and its serving is stopped after 11 a.m.

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