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McMuffin with Jam at McDonald’s UK




903 kJ | 214 kcal

The McDonald’s UK breakfast menu has a delightful menu items the McMuffin with Jam, priced at just £2.59. This simple and satisfying breakfast option combines the classic, beloved English McMuffin with a sweet twist. Nestled within a freshly toasted English muffin, a generous spread of fruity jam offers a burst of sweetness that perfectly complements the savory elements of the traditional McMuffin. It’s a perfect start to the day, providing a balance of flavors that both kids and adults will enjoy, with only 903 kJ | 214 kcal per serving.

What sets the McMuffin with Jam apart is its simplicity and deliciousness. The soft, warm English muffin provides a comforting base, while the vibrant jam adds a layer of indulgence without being overwhelming. Whether you’re grabbing breakfast on the go or enjoying a leisurely morning, this McMuffin variation offers a delightful mix of textures and flavors that is sure to make your morning brighter. With its affordable price of £2.59 and just 903 kJ | 214 kcal, it’s a guilt-free treat that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

McMuffin with Jam Calories and Nutrition Report

Energy kJ


11% RI

Energy kcal


11% RI

fat (g)


8% RI



7% RI

carbs (g)


13% RI

sugar (g)


13% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


11% RI

salt (g)


7% RI

McMuffin with Jam Ingredients

English Muffin - Image

English Muffin

566 kJ

Jam - Image

Strawberry Jam

167 kJ

Mustard Sauce - Image

Liquid Vegetable & Dairy Fat Blend

170 kJ

McMuffin and Jam Allergens

Here is the list allergens found in this Mc Muffin with Jam from McDonald’s UK:



Overview of McDonald’s McMuffin and Jam

The McMuffin with Jam offers a refreshing twist on the traditional McMuffin, making it an exciting choice for breakfast lovers. Its simplicity is its charm, featuring a freshly toasted English muffin generously spread with fruity jam. This delightful combination provides a harmonious balance of sweet and savory flavors. With its affordable price of £2.59 and a nutritional profile of 903 kJ | 214 kcal, it’s an excellent option for those seeking a quick and delicious breakfast on the go. The McMuffin with Jam is designed to satisfy both your taste buds and your wallet.

For those looking for a complete meal, the McMuffin with Jam can be paired with other McDonald’s breakfast offerings. You can complement it with a hot cup of McCafé coffee or a refreshing juice to kickstart your day. Additionally, McDonald’s UK offers a wide variety of breakfast options to suit different preferences, from the classic Egg McMuffin to the hearty Big Breakfast. Each item is crafted to provide a tasty and convenient breakfast experience, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

For more information, please visit McDonald’s UK official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The McMuffin with Jam is a new breakfast item at McDonald’s UK that features a freshly toasted English muffin spread generously with fruity jam. It’s a simple yet delightful option for those who enjoy a sweet twist to their morning meal.

The McMuffin with Jam is priced at just £2.59, making it an affordable choice for a quick and delicious breakfast.

The McMuffin with Jam contains 903 kJ | 214 kcal per serving, offering a balanced option for those mindful of their calorie intake.

Yes, you can pair the McMuffin with Jam with a hot beverage like McCafé coffee or a refreshing juice to make a complete breakfast meal. This combination provides a satisfying start to your day.

McDonald’s UK offers a variety of breakfast options to suit different tastes. Some popular choices include the Egg McMuffin, Big Breakfast, Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin, and the classic Bacon Roll. Each item is designed to provide a tasty and convenient breakfast experience.

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