McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot – The Spiciest Burger at McDonald’s UK




2068 kJ / 493 kcal

McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot is not available on McDonald’s Menu UK please try McSpicy – Price, Ingredients and Calories on McDonald’s Menu UK

Enjoy a hot and spicy culinary adventure with the latest sensation from McDonald’s UK menu, the McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot. This burger features a 100% McSpicy Chicken Patty, Crispy Iceberg Lettuce, and chopped onions, with a slice of Emmental cheese and a topping of fiery Frank’s RedHot Sauce. The jalapeno slices add further tanginess to this perfect combination of chicken and sesame bun. 

This burger is currently the spiciest option on the McDonald’s UK menu, and its meal offers include crispy fries and a cold drink of your choice. The meal is available in two sizes, i.e., medium and large. In both sizes, the burger remains the same, but the size of the fries and drink changes according to your choice. If you are not a fan of spices, then you can try other options like McCrispy or Big Tasty.

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Medium Meal Price


Large Meal Price


Ingredients McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot

Seasame Bun

Sesame topped bun
158 kcal

McSpicy Piece

Chicken Breast Fillet
244 kcal

McSpicy x Frank's RedHot

Frank’s RedHot Mayo
36 kcal

Mild Cheddar Cheese

Emmental Cheese Slice 47 kcal


Iceberg Lettuce

3 kcal

Chopped Onion

Chopped Onion

3 kcal

Jalpeno Slice

Jalapeno Slices

3 kcal

Allergens In McDonald’s McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot

While eating this burger you should be aware of allergens in it. This is recommended because indigestion of any of these could cause serious allergic reactions. Following are allergens present in it:





Nutrition Information of McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot

Energy (kJ)

2068 25% RI

Energy (kcal)

493 25% RI

Fat (g)

21 29% RI*

Fibre (g)


Carbohydrates (g)

48 19% RI

Protein (g)

27 54% RI

Comparison Between McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot, McCrispy and McSpicy

We have provided a brief comparison between three delicious burgers of McDonald’s UK but ultimately the choice depends on your personal preferences, mood and overall flavour profile of each burger.

DescriptionMcSpicy x Frank’s RedHotMcSpicyMcCrispy
IngredientsChicken Breast Patty seasoned in spices and Crispy Coating, Frank’s RedHot Mayo, Iceberg lettuce, Onions, Cheese Slice, Jalapeno Slice and sesame topped bunChicken Breast Fillet seasoned in spices with Crispy Coating, Sandwich Sauce, Iceberg lettuce and sesame topped bunChicken Breast Fillet with Crispy & Crunchy Coating, Black Pepper Mayo, Iceberg lettuce and sourdough-style sesame topped bun
Calories2068 kJ / 493 kcal1865 kJ / 444 kcal2031 kJ / 484 kcal
Taste & FeelMost Spicy Burger on McDonald’s UK Menu with great combination of cheese and lettuce.Spicier and Bolder Flavor with a less crunchy coating on chicken. It is more crispy and classic in taste with regular spices.
AvailabilityLimited timeAlways AvailableAlways Available
Comparison Table
Our Review Of McDonald’s McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot

As McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot is a limited-time addition to the McDonald’s menu in the UK, I also decided to taste this well-received burger by the foodies due to its unique and fiery taste. I visited my nearest McDonald’s branch and ordered this burger. My order was with me within no time. From the very first bite, I felt the spicier touch of Frank’s RedHot mixed with Chicken Crunch in melted Emmental cheese. It was a lunch full of pleasure, combined with fries and a large drink.

Fast food fans in the UK who love zesty and hot flavours surely don’t want this burger to be removed from the menu, as this burger is one of the spiciest options on McDonald’s menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot is a temporary addition on McDonald’s UK Menu and might be removed on 12th March 2024.

No, These burgers are different in terms of ingredients, spices as well as taste profile.

Yes, you can order the McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot on its own or as part of a meal with fries and a drink. You can also customize your burger with additional toppings for an extra charge.

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