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1303 kJ / 313 kcal

Hot Cross Fever is on to McDonald’s as well, with Hot Cross Bun Pie on this Easter event. The newly introduced pie at McDonald’s UK is a crispy cinnamon pastry with full crunch packed with spiced mixed fruits and butter-flavored,  delicious cream. This delicious dessert is crafted to provide a unique taste of spiced fruit mixed with crispy cinnamon and the added juiciness of butter cream.

This wonderful dessert is available for a limited time in two different servings, and its uniqueness is a matter of discussion among McDonald’s fans. So, hurry up to grab your dessert and enjoy it before it is removed from McDonald’s menu. 

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Hot Cross Bun Pie Nutrition Report

Energy kJ


16% RI

Energy kcal


16% RI

fat (g)


27% RI



20% RI

carbs (g)


12% RI

sugar (g)


13% RI

fibre (g)


protein (g)


6% RI

salt (g)


6% RI

Hot Cross Bun Pie – Ingredients

Crispy Cinnamon Pastry

Spiced Fruit Mix

Butter Flavored Cream

Allergens in Hot Cross Bun Pie

If you have allergies to something, then keeping track of all allergens in anything you consume is very important, as you might not digest it properly and have to face mild to serious allergic reactions. Here is the list allergens found in this delicious dessert:



Our Review of Hot Cross Pie

Since its launch on March 13, 2024, there have been two different opinions about this specially introduced sweet and crunchy dessert for the Easter menu. Many fans enjoyed the mixture of crunchiness, spiced fruits, and butter flavoured cream, but many of them didn’t enjoy the combination, referred to it as an odd combination, and disliked it. 

To provide my review of this Hot Cross Bun Pie, I also had a try on it. From the first bite, the crunchy pastry and spiced fruits gave it a great taste, and the further addition of butter-flavoured cream gave it a milky touch. Overall, it’s taste is really unique, and people who like traditional sweets might not like it more. I would say it is a worth-trying item with relevance to Easter and for its unique flavour combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hot-Cross Pie at McDonald’s UK is a Crunchy Cinnamon Pasty filled with mixed spiced fruits and butter flavoured cream.

Hot Cross Bun Pie nutrition detail is Energy 1303kJ , Energy 313kcal, fat 19(g), carbs 32(g), sugar 12(g), fiber 1.9(g) and protein 2.9(g).

No, Hot Cross Bun Pie McDonald’s is not is not gluten free as it contains ingredients that has gluten in them.

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