The Fajita Chicken One – Grilled

The Fajita Chicken One – Grilled at McDonald’s UK




361 Kcal / 1520 kJ

The Fajita Chicken One – Grilled is not available on McDonald’s Menu now.

When looking for crispy and perfect wrap to fulfill your hunger craving you simply can’t ignore “The Fajita Chicken One – Grilled” which is the latest addition to the McDonald’s Menu of UK. It is available for you at any time of the days. This mouthwatering wrap is made with protein rich smoky grilled breast strips of Chicken, large toasted tortilla wrap, cheddar cheese slice, Mexican tomato salsa, rich Fajita sauce, fresh lettuce and white onions.

Fajita Chicken One wrap is also available in meal options where you can add fries, cold drink and other side items as per your desire. On McDonald’s UK Menu this wrap is available for a limited time period; it is also available in Crispy Chicken Flavour.

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The Fajita Chicken One-Grilled Price: £5.19
The Fajita Chicken One-Grilled Medium Meal Price: £6.89
The Fajita Chicken One-Grilled Large Meal Price: £7.69

Ingredients in the The Fajita-Chicken One – Grilled

The Fajita Chicken One – Grilled
Grilled Chicken
111 kcal
Chadder Cheese Slice 1
Cheddar Cheese Slice
23 kcal
Large Tortila Wrap
Large Tortilla Wrap
170 kcal
Tomato Salsa
Tomato Salsa
10 kcal
Fajita Sauce
Fajita Sauce
41 kcal
Lettuce and Onions
Lettuce & Onion
6 kcal

Allergens In The Fajita Chicken Grilled

While eating tasty wrap you should be aware of allergens in it. This is advised because indigestion of any of these could cause serious allergic reactions. Following are allergens present in this wrap:




For further detailed information you can visit McDonald’s Official Site.

Yes, you have the option to add / drop any ingredient keeping in view your health and taste.

As Fajitas are made with grilled breast strips of chicken strips they become a good option to lower the cholesterol as long as you avoid cheese.

Allergens include wheat gluten, milk, egg and mustard.

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